All The Colors We Are 
          Child Development School

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* Development and nurturing are top priority.

* Encouraging a diverse community.

* Here to support the ever-changing needs   of children and families.

* Exploration, learning, and growing     supported and welcomed daily.

* Each child and family are honored for their uniqueness and similarities.

* Incorporating the theories of Reggio, Montessori, and Waldorf.

* A love and respect for nature nurtured through activities and lots of outdoor              time and interaction.

* Open and regular communication with parents on a daily basis through daily   reports, photos and in person.

* Monthly newsletter and weekly documentation help to keep parent's   informed and involved.

* Curriculum created with intention and fueled by the children's interest.

* Academic areas of math, science and reading taught through children's play   and teacher supported activities.

*Regular rotation of toys, books and creative materials to respect the interests  of the children and to offer new and different perspectives and learning  opportunities.

* Support and encouragement growing through the developmental stages.

It is our mission to create and offer a childcare/preschool ---Early Childhood Development School that sets the standard for quality!  Since we intend to service a diverse community this can be a challenging goal to obtain.  However, it is our passion and one we eagerly strive to fulfill every day!  

We can't wait to meet and welcome you and your child!

Teachers and Owners,

Dani and Heidi


State Required Immunization Statistics (C-complete, U-up-to-date, E-exempt):

DTAP:   C/2, U/7, E/0

Polio:   C/1, U/8, E/0

Varicella: C/1, U/6, E/2

MMR: C/1, U/7, E/1

HepB: C/1, U/7, E/1

HepA: C/1, U/7, E/1

HIB: C/1, U/8, E/0

We have 5 children under 18 months 

1 child with a Medical Exemption

1 child with a Religious Exemption

And 2 not counted in statistics as they are of Primary School age and are counted in those statistics.