All The Colors We Are 
          Child Development School

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Quotes I provide an Arts & Music enrichment program to All the Colors We Are preschool on a monthly basis. I have found this to be a unique preschool offering multifaceted learning opportunities to students from all backgrounds. Teacher Heidi and Dani appreciate the learning style of every student and embrace each student for their unique talents, skills and abilities. The lesson offerings, educational objectives and enrichment activities are carefully selected to engage a student's innate passion for learning. The outdoor area also features a learning garden and a multitude of different stations where students learn through play! The interior of the school is cozy and includes a fabulous art studio, library, music area and vibrant play areas. All the Color Quotes
Erin LaCerra
Owner, Art Jam

Quotes It gives me much joy to write a testimonial expressing my gratitude and love for All The Colors We Are. My child attended this program from birth to age 1 where he became old enough to attend the program I am the Director at. When I was looking for a place to have my baby enrolled, I really needed a place where I knew my son was going to engage in activities, feel loved, and get his immediate needs met. All these needs were met and my expectations were exceeded when I enrolled at ATCWA. They welcomed me every day to nurse my son and made sure I was comfortable and had time to spend with him away from lots of noise and intrusions. While there I was able to observe the teachers interacting with the children on a regular basis, and was so impressed and overjoyed a number of times to hear the kind and respectful way in which they talk with and to the children. I was offered the opportunity to get a daily peek at how happy the children are attending this school. Beautiful! Quotes
Alicia L
Thrilled Mom/fellow Child Development Specialist

Quotes I have worked with both Dani and Heidi in the past few years. Both teachers have such energy, enthusiasm and passion that make teachers like myself continue to strive on. They have such a way with children and their families. Always supporting family members with resources, parent meetings, and meeting each learning milestone with development, creativity, and uniqueness. Children are able to not only learn in a classroom indoors, but the classroom also includes being outside rain or shine. Children are able to explore about seeing how rainbows are started with rain, seeing how the leaves change colors and why. Children have fun getting messy while learning at the same time. Quotes
Sonya Calvin
Valued Colleague

Quotes My son and daughter have been with All the Colors We Are childcare since August 2012. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Heidi and Dani! Every morning when my kids wake up and get dressed, they're always saying that they are so excited to go to school! It's been such a great thing to see my children grow, emotionally and socially since they've been coming here! The love and attention that Dani and Heidi give to the children is definitely something that as a parent, you like to see! They treat each child as their own and really work with them not only as a group, but individually. I can't wait to see their business grow and thrive, just like I know my children will from being in their care! Quotes
Melanie K
Satisfied parent!

Quotes I have known Dani and Heidi for about 4 years now. I have often trusted both women with all 3 of my kids. Over the years, they have referenced their ?Dream Job? as owning their own childcare. When I learned they succeeded, I called and tried to enrolled my child the same day. Dani requested we wait and allow my son to be part of the decision. When we arrived for a tour, we instantly noticed how perfect the facility is. With creative play and art everywhere, this was a place where kids are happy. Dani and Heidi both have the ability to keep everything clean and organized, but let loose and enjoy the time with the kids. When we left, my son begged me to leave him there. Honestly - the payment I make every month feels so worth it to know my child is not just safe, but being nurtured, loved, and educated all while having a blast. My son comes home everyday and brags to his siblings about what he did that day at school. For me and my family - All The Colors We Are is worth every penny. Quotes
Carol Smith
Couldnt be happier....

Quotes Dani and Heidi are great. My kids love going there and playing. They do lots of cool projects inside and outside and keep the kids busy during the day, so that when they come home at the end of the day, they go straight to sleep from being so worn out. Quotes
Tim K
Satisfied dad