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Recently we shared an article from Exchange Magazine that spoke to the idea of "fade out" in children by 3rd grade.  The article pointed out a study that questioned what might cause fade out.  Fade Out relates to the over whelming facts that children's academic progress declines beginning at about 3rd grade.  A good chunk of the article focused on the importance of early learning beginning as early as birth and making sure children are enrolled in high quality programs.  Another focus of the article was the greater importance placed on the Social-Emotional aspect of early childhood and preschool years as being an indicator of children's future success in learning and succeeding in primary school grades.  We here at ATCWA take the love of learning seriously!  Our driving force is that children find learning to be interesting, fun, engaging and playful.  We encourage and model the asking and questions and using our minds and imaginations to wonder about the world around us.  More important then learning how to follow preplanned cut out activities, the memorization of letters of the alphabet or even worrying about being able to read by Kindergarten---we focus on exploring with various objects, studying nature, looking for information to questions, wondering about how the world and objects in it work and on conflict resolution and self sufficiency.  Here is the link to the article: