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          Child Development School

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Our rates are based on the needs of the program and a desire to address the economic challenges of today's familes.  Please contact us to discuss your childcare needs and how we may be the program that is a right fit for you and your child.            


Monthly Rates Quoted As Days Per Week In Attendance:

6 wks- age 3         2-3 days $885                         Grades 1-3       2-3 days $585

                             4-5 days $955                                                 4-5 days $650                                                                                                                                      

                                                                            (rates are for before and after school care)

Age 3-K                   2-3 days $825                  

                               4-5 days $890                                 *5% sibling discount               




* Inquier for 1 day a week rate, drop-in care rate and availability, 

and full day care for 1st-3rd grade.

*rates and fees may change without prior written/posted notice.

We are Members of Provider Resource Organization, NAFCC, and AFSME Union

We are a State Certified home and are on the USDA food program